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Who try FREESH shoes can't walk without them anymore. He could appreciate the special freshness and hygiene of I.T.S. (Intelligent Team Shoes) patent, the incomparable feeling of the exclusive, transpiring, antibacterial, antistatic Air Form sole. FREESH is the definitive solution for the comfort of your feet. The exclusive I.T.S. patent pushes air out of the shoe, thus giving your foot freshness and hygiene. It doesn't require any maintenance, because the ventilation system is not in the sole, with risk of clogging, but in the upper, with the upper holes opportunely shaped and waterproof.

  • Outer sole with some micro-holes:
    - after a short time, they are clogged because near to the ground;
    - they may be filled with bacteria;
    - low air exchange, near ground, is not hygienic;
    - difficulty of cleaning;Outer sole with mechanical valve:
    - after a short time it's clogged because near to the ground;
    - it may be jammed owing to maintenance lack;Upper with vertical holes:
    - rain water can infiltrate into the shoe, because holes are not waterproof;
    Upper including mesh and stuffing:
    - not waterproof;
    - sewing may break easily.


    Internal air ventilation from the upper with
    waterproof holes
    Shock-absorber, sprung, soft and transpiring
    innersole with heel air ventilation
    No sweat, no smell;
    More hygienic because higher air exchange;
    Changeable inner air flow.