Art. U-072



Sneakers with part of upper in suede and part in sheep leather.

Freesh! Patented Antishock breathable shoes

Shoes, Breathable FREESH, SWEAT, ANTISHOCK, CUSHIONED, with double insulation, with massaging and relaxing effect, comfortable and elegant for any occasion, patented, made in Italy, Italian design, with waterproof air intakes both in the upper and in the heel provided with two eyelets for the passage of pressurized air, much better than competing shoes with micro holes in the sole, as these micro holes are easily blocked by dirt on the ground, such as mud, earth, sand, animal droppings, etc. FINALLY FRESH AND DRY FEET EVEN IN SUMMER: ONLY WITH FREESH SHOES !! BEAUTIFUL AND PATENTED!

Freesh! the shoe of the future
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