Ecological clothing

Ecological clothing


These garments have been manufactured in full respect of nature and the environment with two main objectives: 1 – The contact of our skin with fabrics free of chemical residues. 2 – Less  possible processes for the transformation of the fabric.



This is a patented  exclusive garment that differentiates you from the mass of people, for young and old! Unique and exclusive! Cotton with embroidery and applied and fluttering sails, fixed or lowerable and raised. For those who love the sea, sailing, yacht owners.


These garments are manufactured with the most ecological systems respecting the environment. Raw cotton has undergone only natural non-chemical treatments, precisely in order not to pollute the environment and to avoid any allergies. The dyeing was carried out according to the most modern ecological system which provides for processing methods and products that comply with the most severe anti-pollution rules.

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With this CASUAL clothing line it is possible to dress with taste, color and elegance while respecting the environment. Our fabrics have undergone various stages of experimentation and control, in order to guarantee their duration without failing to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves. The cotton is spun, sized and with exclusively natural products and treatments, as well as natural dyes: chlorophyll, madder, henna, sandalwood. The dyeing is carried out on raw fabric not chemically prepared, to avoid the dispersion of polluting chemical agents. Finally, a minimum use of fabric softener makes the garments softer but at the same time respects the environment. Tests carried out have shown that these garments are absolutely anti-allergic.